It is now over 15 years ago since my golden English cocker spaniel DAISY Indar was sent to the Happy Hunting-Grounds. Even if dogs always had a place in my life, to accustom myself with the idea of a new companion was difficult. However, that day in June when I first saw Toby, changed that. He was at that time 9 months of age, slender and delicate in appearance and possessed an irrepressible energy, always eager for a walk. He is still slim and ready for a walk, but to describe this hound delicate would be rather difficult. Still, Toby was not my dog, even if he visited us frequently. This highly enjoyable dog, however, made me begin getting my family used to the idea of a new quadruped member of the household, not excluding that this time it will be a beagle. Eventually, a decision was made at Christmas there will be a dog.


Princess Scourge made finally with great panache entrance to our family. She arrived with impetuosity on January 19, and took immediately our home in sovereign possession, without the slightest hesitation. Thus begun our beagle life. Blanca, from the first encounter with Toby, considered him as her private possession. Only she is entitled to play with him and only she has the right to tire him out. That is strictly forbidden for other dogs. If Toby happens to make such mistake and shows an interest for another dog, the result is immediate and demonstrative outrage on her behalf. Nevertheless, both dogs remain best friends, loyal to each other to the end of the world. They continued to yearn for each other to such a degree that the inclusion of Toby to the team in the beginning of 2004 was inevitable. In December 2004 six puppies of Blanca and Toby were born.


The small ones did manage to get other family members engaged in their lives rather effectively. It begun already in choosing names. After long deliberations over their characters, the family council decided to stress their island roots and conferred on them names taken from the celtic mythology: the girls Ahes, Aife, Aine and the boys Ailbe, Ahern and Ardan.
Aine and Ardan remained with us...


Rather unexpectedly, one may say much to our complete surprise, our small flock was joined by one more member. In mid january, a rather unsuspecting flock went to the vet with the aim of getting yet a number of less pleasant vaccinations. The flock returned home in the company of a four-year old Fretka, a Bavarian Mountain Scenthound (Bayrischer Gebirgsschweisshund), looking for a home. Fretka achieved quickly the title of honorary beagle and I have to admit, that she is doing very well in that role. Anyhow, in the end not all beagles look the same...


Having won the title of Interchampion, Fretka decided that the home flock should be enlarged. Here calls for small, brown Bavarians. The family, losing all senses, decided to fulfill her wishes. Hence nine kids arrived in August - offspring to Fretka and the very handsome DAG Kralovska Studnicka. We decided to continue with Celtic names and after lively discussions the following girls appeared to the world: Breena, Boanna, Bliss, Binne, Blai and Branwen, as well as boys: Bran, Blaes and Beli.


Binne and Beli decided to go off overseas. The Norwegian fiords were to Binne's liking, while Beli fell for Swedish deers.
Bliss and Blaes remained with us...

IDOL Poleskie Pojezierze
known as Toby

due to her character , known as Princess Scourge

AINE Domus Amberg

who knows if not a bigger Scourge than her mum

ARDAN Domus Amberg
known as  Dudinek
  FRETKA Ekolas
known as honorary beagle
BLISS Domus Amberg BLAES Domus Amberg