In December 2008, BINNE Domus Amberg was submitted to radiological diagnosis for dysplasia, resulting in HD-A rating

On November 16, 2008 at the National Dog Show in Kielce (PL),

and judged by Jan Ryk (PL), was the debut of

BLISS Domus Amberg,

while winning the intermediate class, achieving the highest mark excellent and getting CAC and BOS

BLAES Domus Amberg

came second in the intermediate class, getting the highest mark excellent

In September, 2008

BINNE Domus Amberg

achieved I class diploma on Blood Tracking Trial,
and later successfully passed the main test - on natural trace

In the end of September, 2008  BELI Domus Amberg, was submitted to radiological diagnosis for dysplasia, resulting in HD-A rating.
This was celebrated with his first real hunting search for shooted animal.


Inger Skoglund and Beli - at his debut as full-fledged hunter

On August 3, 2008 at the Blood Tracking Trial in Finnskogen (N)

BINNE Domus Amberg,

made her debut on blood tracking trace
and in spite of being bee bitten in heavy weather conditions, she successfully achieved II class diploma
and won the title of Best Dog in Trial

  Anna Hoel with her Binne

On July 13, 2009 at Dog Show in  Vestnes (N),

judged by Dusan Paunowic (SRB)

BINNE Domus Amberg,

achieved CAC and BOS

On July 11, 2008 at Blood Tracking Trial in Västra (S)

BELI Domus Amberg,

made his sniffing debut achieving I class diploma



World Dog Show Stockholm 2008 (3-6 lipca)

judge: Horst Kliebenstein (D)



World Winner

On the same dog show, judged by Adrian Landarte (U),

ARDAN Domus Amberg

came 3rd in the Working Class, achieving excellent mark

On June 28, 2008, at the special dog show at Tretten, organised by
Norsk Schweisshund Klubb,

judged by Per Harald Nymark (N), was the debut of:

BINNE Domus Amberg,

who won the Junior Class and came 2nd in further comparison of all starting bitches 

On June 7, 2008 at the National Dog Show in Vänersborg

judged by Ove Germundsson (S)

BELI Domus Amberg

won the Junior Class, making his Swedish debut

On May 24, 2008 at the Special Dog Show in Raciborz, organized by Klub Posokowca, member of  ISHV

judged by Milan Pavlik (CZ), was the debut of:

BLAI Domus Amberg,

who 2nd in the youth class and achieved excellent mark

On Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008, at the Stockholm International Dog Show (Lilla Stockholm)

judged by Göran Bodegård (S)

AINE Domus Amberg

came 2nd in the utility class and achieved excellent mark

On March 28, 2008 at the International Dog Show in Katowice, 

judged by Luis Catalan (P), was the debut of:

BELI Domus Amberg,

winning the puppy class and being awarded the title Best Puppy in the Breed, achieved the highest mark as very promising puppy